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As a reputed Garage Door Company offering service to las vegas residents for over 7 years we offer you custom-made residential garage doorsgarage door openers, etc, all within your restricted budget but full of style and ultimate elegance. 

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At Philadelphia garage door we provide servicing for all the various leading brands available in the market. We deliver as well as set up new doors and openers, replace/repair broken springs, cables, rollers, hinges, etc. The next time you have a garage door to be repaired, a door-opener that needs a replacement or a broken spring that should be repaired, simply let us knowabout it at philadelphia garage door
We will be there in an an hour or less* to solve your problem at a cost that is completely within your budget, leaving a smile on your face that would reflect both appreciation and satisfaction.

Given the way we work and the kind of customer service we provide, it is no wonder that we have managed to establish ourselves as a strong company within the philadelphia garage door market in PA . Feel free to take a look at our services archive and choose a suitable category to satisfy your need.

.Winding cones can have different socket sizes

The two set-screws in the winding cones have a 3/8-inch square head, which fits a 3/8-inch open-end wrench or 8-point socket, or a 7/16-inch 12-point socket or 12-point closed-end wrench. I carried an extra wrench in my pocket while winding, since I didn't want to be holding a wound spring that I couldn't set because I had dropped the wrench (although one could rest the winding rod against the door in this case while picking up a dropped tool).

I decided later to use an ordinary open-end wrench rather than this socket or a box-end wrench to turn this fastener. The extra play fits the crude square heads better, and if the cone were to accidentally let loose, an open-end wrench would be the least likely tool to stay on the head and turn into a flying hazard.

Checking if the lift drums need resetting

Next, the torsion shaft is reassembled with the new springs, the drums repositioned loosely on the shaft, this whole assembly slid back into the end bearings, and the drum set-screws tightened down. I tightened the set-screws about 1/2 or 3/4 of a turn after contact with the shaft, which provides a good grip, but does not distort the shaft. The drums can be set on their old positions, if they were correctly installed, which is snug up against the end bearings to remove any longitudinal play in the torsion shaft. Now the lift cable can be reattached to the drums, and a slight temporary torque applied to the shaft to keep the cable taut while the first spring is wound. 

This temporary torque is conveniently applied with a pair of locking pliers clamped on the shaft, positioned such that they hold the torque by pressing lightly against the wall above the door, before you start the spring winding, The locking pliers stay on the torsion shaft until you have finished the spring winding locked down the spring cone(s) with the setscrew(s), and removed the winding bars. Then you simply remove them with the release on the wrench handle. I feel that any job that doesn't require a trick manipulation with either locking pliers or duct tape (or in the ultimate case, both!) is just too boring. My trusty pliers look a trifle rusty ever since I used them to clamp something on my outdoor TV antenna "temporarily" and left them out in the weather for, oh, several years. The white stuff on the drum is paint overspray from the original painting of the garage interior.

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